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Feedback Streaming

Alongside promoting your reviews on major sites, stream your best and most recent customer feedback on your main website and micro site page.

Review Streaming Plugin

Our website plugin gives you instant access to reviews from your Dashboard and you can place them strategically on your company website. The streaming plugin ensures that potential customers will see all the positive feedback you have earned and deserve.

Complete Brand Control

You control the feedback and reviews that the public sees using our filter and suppression settings. This prevents duplicate reviews and ensures you share a quality review.

Micro Site Integration

Feedback and reviews are streamed to your micro site based on the applied settings that match your main company website. Your Micro Site shows the average rating of total feedback and reviews, then it provides the consumer with an overall star rating as well.

External Feedback Page Integration

Customers who wish to share their views whilst on your website or micro site, can quickly do so by clicking the “Leave A Review” button. This takes them to your company’s AutoFeedback Filter page to kick-start the process.

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