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Visibility Checker

ReviewBuildr verifies your company’s business listings across multiple directories to ensure that contact information is accurate in order to strengthen your web presence.

Maintain Accurate Online Business Information

Ensure your business has continual growth by checking that your company information is correct across all major search engines, review sites, social media and local directories.

Monitoring and Updating Business Data

The Accuracy Score reveals how much of your online business data is correct across online directories, review sites and social networks. Inconsistent or missing data is instantly flagged-up and quickly brought to your attention, allowing you to effortlessly update the inconsistencies with the provided quick edit links.

Tailor the Visibility Checker

The Tracker will check many websites that are relevant for local businesses, however we know that not every site will be relevant for yours. Easily remove the sites that are not relevant for your business to improve your accuracy score.

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