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Customer AutoFeedback Filter

Automatically collect and manage customer feedback to optimize the impact of your customer reviews.

Initiate AutoFeedback Filter

To launch the AutoFeedback Filter process, simply fill in the automatic “Quick Add” form with basic customer information to generate the automated feedback email. From there you can send customers to your company branded review page.

For businesses with larger footfalls, you can upload multiple customers by using the CSV file upload option.

Enquire about the API for those that have 1000s of weekly customers.

Assign Feedback to a Department Or Employee

Our platform allows you to assign feedback to a specific department or employee without customer knowledge, allowing your business to evaluate service strengths and weaknesses down to department or employee level.

Define Email and Feedback Settings For Intelligent Routing

Based on your prefered filter settings, a customized email is sent to your customer on behalf of your company.

  • Easy to understand filter settings.
  • Define and categorize positive and negative reviews
  • Helps prevent negative reviews from going online
  • Integrates with social sharing and review platforms

Turn Positive Feedback Into Online Reviews

Encourage customers who leave positive feedback to share it on their social media. Based on your settings, Review Buildr will send the customer a follow-up email containing links that will enable them to instantly share their feedback publicly as an online review or rating.

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